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World Cup - is it just me?


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I am a football fan and I have a season ticket at Norwich City, but despite loving the game, I am concerned about the handling of England's application for the 2018 World Cup...

Football is a game controlled internationally by FIFA and in the UK by the FA. These two organisations are mostly made up of retired footballers. And let's be honest, a lot of professional footballers, whilst very good at what they do, fall well short of being the most intelligent people on the planet...

So was it really appropriate or necessary for the future king of England and the present prime minister of the UK to spend three days creeping up to these football cretins?

Two of the leading people in our country were almost prostituting themselves to an organisation that believes it is above the laws of all countries.

What good did that do the credibility of these two so-called important people, or the credibility of the UK?

And even though I voted Conservative, I have to question why at times of international economic meltdown, the prime minister had so much time on his hands to kowtow to this bunch of old footballers?

Sorry - rant over!
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It is called grovelling to the Great Unwashed, Mel, in hot pursuit of votes; in order you can keep the old snout guzzling from the trough of state for longer.

If you remember, such as Wilson tried to show commonality and humbleness by smoking a pipe: and only smoked his expensive cigars behind locked doors............. Michael Foot used to insist on wearing a donkey jacket: even Heath used a cloth cap from time to time. But not when sailing Morning Cloud at Cowes though!

Wedgewood Benn used the Cloth Cap and Pipe props too, as he tried to descend to the lower levels: unfortunately he didn't manage to persuade his lady wife Caroline (The richest heiress in the World at the time, as she inherited the Proctor and Gamble fortune) to give it all away to the poor.

Perhaps Will is hoping the commoners will eventually allow him to be King! So, he's buttering 'em up well in advance.

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The whole thing is corrupt. FIFA, the FA, the Prem, it's all about making sure those in the money stay in the money.

From a football point of view, I think it's great Russia have the chance to hold a tournament for the first time ever, especially as England have already had two major tournaments.

Would have liked the 2022 to have gone to Australia though. Still might yet, there's still time for the whole of the Middle East to really go tits up.
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From what I have read we spent about £15M on this and a shed load on rebuilding Wembley to get to this stage and then turned down so it makes me wonder how much more we would have had to spend if we won. Lets not forget the Olympics where the cost has already almost doubled. There were loads of jobs apparently up for grabs but I fear that just like with the Olympics none of them will be filled from those living in the area of the facilities that have been build. I know for a fact, having lived within a  mile of the docklands facilities and still having family there, that none have benefited in any way to date. So if the World Cup came to the UK how many local people would really benefit? Taking both these things in to account and the current economic situation I think this was a very lucky escape for the UK.

I don't think we can criticize Cameron either as I believe I am right that you start your 'bidding' about 10 years before the event.

I think the system should be changed anyway, the country that actually wins should be the next host, keeps things focused for the players and the country.

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[quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]The whole thing is corrupt. FIFA, the FA, the Prem, it's all about making sure those in the money stay in the money. [/quote]

And, about time the FA et al 'fessed up and admitted they are in the entertainment as against the sports business.

One can see far more "Sport" in local league football; mainly 'cos the players aren't paid anything.

Would Cameroon attend the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest, for example?

[quote] Still might yet, there's still time for the whole of the Middle East to really go tits up.[/quote]

Doubtful: Qatar sits on one of the globe's largest reserves of natural gas.

Compared to Dubai, say, which is a synthetic creation with little natural resource to back it up, the Al Tharni family of Qatar are total plutocrats.

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