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I keep having this popping up this afternoon and it won't leave me alone for long.

It wants me to pay a life-time subscription.  I suspect it's only popping up because I have moved to live somewhere else and has another line.

Do I need to pay up or, if I keep ignoring it, will it go away?

Please answer as soon as  you can.  I worry about these things as I know next to nothing about  them.

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Don't get too cocky Bugsy, you didn't believe all those stories about Mac's being impervious to viruses and trojans did you, bet you don't run any protection software on your Mac either, never mind, you might just find out the hard way one day. There are at least six well know software houses that provide AV software for Mac's and whilst they are less likely to get viruses they are still susceptible in similar ways to Trojans (and Mal-ware) which is what Sweet has got. If a virus is written in machine code and because Mac's now use Intel processors it really does not matter what operating system you are using.

Sweet, as well the link Bugsy has given you you can try doing a search on "security shield scam" which should supply you with all the answers you need and several ways of getting rid of your problem.

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Bugs, I have tried your link and then the Spyware Doctor wanted me to buy their product.

What I plan to do is put up with it until my good friend, a computer buff, next calls and kills the beast.  But thank you to you and Coops for trying to help.

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[quote user="sweet 17"]What I plan to do is put up with it until my good friend, a computer buff, next calls and kills the beast.[/quote]

Sweets, as someone who is called in frequently to 'sort out' friends' computers, I can assure you do need to get this 'nasty' sorted asap.

Be honest here, how good are you at recognizing and removing nasties on your own ?

You can remove the problem for free here. It might take a while though.


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Sweets Sue's link in essence points you to Malwarebytes which is completely free in it's basic form, as is Rkill the other applet that you need.

Alternatively Spyware Doctor claims to remove it in one go http://www.spyware-experts.com/security-shield-removal

Naughty girl you for clicking on something which invited Security Shield onto your computer, you did whether you realise it or not [:(]

How did Security Shield get on my computer?

The most common ways to come in contact with Security Shield include:

*Maliciously coded web sites that popup a warning message that you are infected

*E-mail messages that trick you into clicking on a link

*Web sites that claim you need to download additional software like a audio codec or video viewer

*Links or downloads that are spread through social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook

*Instant Messaging systems

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Erns, this was indeed what I did:

*E-mail messages that trick you into clicking on a link

Should have been more careful and will watch that aol email address more closely in future.

Thank you, Pierre and thank you, Pacha.

Last night, whilst trying to use Sue56's link and was still about half way through the assasination process when the beast disappeared from the screen and also from the bottom bar on screen (the bit where the time is displayed [:P])

Looks like the trusty sword of determination (apologies Jonathin Aitkin) has slayed the beast.

Many thanks to everyone who has come to my aid.

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