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Monsieur CDL apart from a bill for £400.000, which is a total ripoff! I don't see anything but a load of C r a p! But it really does show that people who don't really know which way is up and have their stupid mits on a BIG bank roll can spend that roll on a load of 'pony poo' and smile while they are doing so!

I wouldn't trust them to pay my paper bill, which is tiny!

The story of the Kings new clothes comes to mind at times like seeing that!

As for seeing any person in that angular block, well? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1553545/Olympic-chiefs-under-fire-for-puerile-logo.html

Please tell me where?

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I quite like the Olympic logo [:)]

I remember when I was trying to design a logo for my company I used a young graduate who came up with something I would never have thought of myself, so I agree with paying a company to design it,

Had young Mark had come up with something similar for my company logo I would have said it was £40 well spent [Www]

The governing body just has more zero's than me, or should I say nuls!

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