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Another spanner in the insurance works


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There was something about this the other day. The AA said men's insurance should go down and women's up till they balance. Yeah right, is that a flying pig I see pass my window? I suspect this will make an excellent excuse for the insurance companies to 'screw' everyone regardless of sex. Mrs 'Q' gets involved (legally) with these 'constructed' car accidents where loads of people claim injury. This has been stamped on quite heavily by the insurance companies and is at it's lowest now for quite a while. The insurance companies have in the past said it was because of this that prices were so high yet from what I have read and bearing in mind the claims have dropped there seems no sign of insurance costs dropping. As my dad always said about insurance companies and their agents, they love to take money off you but make it very difficult at times to get any back.
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To hell with car insurance what this perverse ruling means is that from now on annuities will be significantly reduced for men in order to give a smidgen more to women who won't start dying any earlier as a result of. Unfortunately, as most annuities are bought by men, both they and their dependant wives will suffer, I'm not sure that is either the meaning or the spirit of equality.

The only winners here are the insurance companies who must be partying tonight.

And all because some busybody Belgian consumer group made a complaint [:@]

This sort of daft 'one size fits all' ruling further illustrates how ununited the EU really is !

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