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Not when we are flying she doesn't! She might ask me to slow down because the wind at 80 mph tends to cause a bit of camera shake. She normally just picks up one of her cameras and wanders into the garden for 10 minutes.

She will be pleased that you think she is talented as she thinks otherwise.

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Bob, can you persuade her to enter some photo competitions?  If nothing else, she will get her work (OK then, hobby) judged against others' and I have a feeling she might be very pleased with some of the results.[:D]
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Competitions? Don't think that will happen. Jude is happy in the garden and on her computer, she would not like it much if she won and people congratulated her! She likes her solitude and has only recently got around to writing the blogs to share things with people.

As long as others enjoy here photos then she is happy. What makes her happy is that I look at the stats for the blogs and find that over 200 people have looked at them today.

We put on a little exhibition of her photos in the local cafe, I had to go up everyday and explain what the photos were about, she didn't want to!

Thanks all for the encouragement, I will pass it on.

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