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Little chance .....!!


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I know there is little chance of any knowing what im going on about but that has never stopped me before ....so here I go again

Im looking for the name of a song and the singer

possible date area of 1970's

It was about a man who had lost his wife and at some point they had planted a tree in the garden and he's singing about it growing .....

Its a sad weepy song

Im sure it was out about the same time Terry Jacks did seasons in the sun.....

Sorry thats all the memory of it I have hope some one can help .....Thanks

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Wow that was fast ....Honey it is .....How did you get that so fast from the small amount of information I had ..... right off to find it on google now


Many thanks to both of you xx  ;)

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Yuk - I hated that song - the other one he did was also a 'weepy' - Summer - almost as bad as that female British artist, used to burst into tears every time she sang! God it was depressing!
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