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Marr and Obama


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Andrew Marr today (10:00 our time) could be interesting as he interviews Obama. Apparently Obama has said that he would not block further 'black' operations in Pakistan and that for peace in Afghanistan they will have to sit round the table with the Taliban at some stage. Perhaps he now realises that like the Brits and the Russians your never going to win there which again makes the loss of life, both military and civilian, pointless.

A quick change of subject, today marks the withdrawal of the Royal Navy from Iraq which means we have no military presence there from today. Mrs Shearer was interviewed on 'Breakfast', she lost her son there, was it worth it "No" she said, has it had an effect, again another "No". As she pointed out so many soldiers and civilians have died pointlessly and we should never have got involved in another countries problem. I find myself in total agreement with her.

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