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What are you doing tomorrow, rememeber it is ......


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Mr C has just been telling me about a chap in the States who is charging 150$ a pop to look after the pets of those who are going to be "raptured" on Sunday.  He declared: "These people are going to lose out twice because a) this won't happen and b) I don't give refunds."[:D]  Apparently, he's raking in the cash.


As you so rightly say, Bugs, nice to have known you all.  See some of you down there, no doubt (we'll have all the fun.[6])  I've always hated the cold anyway.

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I don't recall there being any earthquakes yesterday.

I've just looked out of the window and everything looks the same. Have I been raptured and am now in Paradise? If so then I must have been living in Paradise already!

Good job I didn't max out my credit cards yesterday in the expectation of never having to pay them off!


I wonder what Mr Camping will be doing today? As for me, I'm now waiting for 21 December next year when the Mayan calendar ends ...

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I was out in the garden yesterday doing a bit of what is called "pruning", the way I do it is more like hacking. Anyway....I put my secateurs down somewhere and as they are green I can't now find them, now normally that would really bug me but I thought to myself, it's not the end of the world is it?
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