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Pigeon scarer: urgent problem!


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We have a glassed-in verandah and the piece of glass at the gable end (not the front door end) is huge and looks like an open space.

Twice now in the last month, a pigeon has flown smack onto the glass.  Fortunately, the first pigeon was merely stunned, although it made a heck of a thud on the glass, but this morning, the second pigeon has killed itself flying into the pane of glass.

Clearly, something has to be done, and quickly, to stop any more of these poor things killing themselves on our glass pane.

Any suggestions, please?  And PDQ....


yours in sorrow and distress

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Coops, Wooly, thanks for the suggestions.

Actually, there is one part of the damned pane of glass that I can't reach to clean and Wools, I will MAKE  the OH sacrifice one of his CDs tout de suite!

Thank you, thank you.....might not sound like it but I am in great distress after confirming, forensically, that the corpse indeed has a broken neck.[:(]


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[quote user="Théière"]

Don't be too upset Sweets, just think what you have saved us all from. [:)]



Teapot, we laughed till we cried!

But, I guess we will try the CD suggestion by Wooly (though we do not possess any Cliff Richard CD) and we will go look in the shops for a cat cutout with glittery eyes.

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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"][quote user="sweet 17"]

I'd eat pigeon but not one that has killed itself on my verandah.


Just out of interest, why not?
Dead is dead and possibly better a broken neck rather than shooting as no chance of breaking a tooth on a bit of lead shot


Pierre, don't fancy plucking the feathers and GUTTING the thing!!!

I remember well when we first moved to the West Country and a Country Gentleman (peasant) brought me a brace of rabbits and told me with great pride in his voice, "missus, them not be shot, them be ferreted"...no lead shot as you say!

After I had looked in their glassy eyes for an hour or two, I just stuck them in the disposal bin! 

How prodigal we all were in those days!  I mean in the days BEFORE one lived in France and the exchange rate was 1.12....

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Quick interim solution, though not very elegant:

Cut a black rubbish bag into long strips and tape ends across the top of the glass.  They will hang there and flutter about.  See this a lot round here and was puzzled till someone explained it.  Have to say I wouldn't want to have that all the time!

Chrissie (81)

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Thank you for all the suggestions.  I am truly grateful.

I have now insisted that OH gives me 2 cds to suspend from the ceiling of the verandah.

Now, it's a question of which of us is brave enough to climb up some steps to affix said cds.  OH, who used to think nothing of climbing onto roofs, etc (including the roof of the Milennium Dome in London), is now, due to his advanced age [:P], reluctant to climb anything more than a couple of steps high.

So, it looks like it will be yours truly, perched on steps over the stairwell with OH hanging on to the ladder and dog looking on anxiously, who will somehow thumbtack the bits of string tied to the cds.

Oh well, anything rather than have those pesky pigeons making marks on my glass pane, I suppose.

See, it wasn't ALL altruistic!!![:P]

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  • 1 month later...

I've revived this thread to say that Wooly's suggestions of CDs have worked a treat on the end pane of glass.

However, since the last incident 2 more pigeons have come unstuck.  One got away but the one from today is still looking in a vegetative state where OH has removed it for safety away from the dog.

CDs, while a great suggestion, are OK for the end gable glass pane because they are not too obtrusive.  However, I am not too keen on having a row of CDs hanging the length of our verandah.

Therefore, can someone else suggest something that is more appropriate?

Angela, I will, in all probability use the foil strips as an interim measure.

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