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Credit Card - Section 72 equivalent in France?


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I've had a booked holiday in Morocco cancelled due to the Moroccan Government closing its borders due to COVID-19.

The flights we booked with RyanAir and we were refunded 100% at first asking.

The holiday company in Morocco has said that as the holiday was at a "promotional" rate there is no refund but it can be re-booked at a later date. They have not given what this later date range is or how long it can be delayed.

The thing is when / if COVID-19 finally dies down I do not think many people will be travelling and things have moved on in my life since I booked so I would like a refund.

I paid by an AXA Credit / Debit Card and was wondering if a Section 75 claim can be used against the issuer of the card to claim a refund which is possible in the UK. Does France have an equivalent legal procedure?

Any experiences or suggestions much appreciated.


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