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 I can't see why not, I'll check with the others and if its favorable we can ask Admin to make a section

The only thing is I have just started a series of detective novels by JA Jance, sent to me by a fried - that may take me some time......[Www]

 Lets suppose its a yes, would youonly want one section or more than one to deal with different languages, genres etc ?

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Only thing that immediately springs to mind is that books are soooo expensive to buy and the pound is nearly at parity with the euro even as I write![:'(][:-))]

Edit & PS:  right, I'm off to the Money Saving Expat Section [:D]

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 I have used them quite a bit, when I started reading Micheal Connelly Bosch books I got quite a few that way, and I also got and got rid of quite a few Janet Evanovich books - now I have an informal arrangement with a some friends, two in France and one in the US and we swap around - if all else fails I send books (via a third party) to a friend in Brittany who belongs to an English group who run a monthly book swap.

Sometimes I can find popular books other people want in charity shops - we have four locally .....

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