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Galicia Sant Iago Saint Jacques


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@ Gem&Sweet

Shades of the camino de santiago as last night the celebrations for the day of galicia started with a fantastic son et lumière with the cathedral as back drop, followed by plentiful fireworks.

All on RTVG on line and on satellite.

This morning starting shortly at 10:15 the transmission live of the formal mass for St James the patron saint of santiago and Galicia.


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Thanks, Pacha.  I know that I have had no joy with getting Spanish TV here but I expect Gem's managed to watch.

Strangely enough, Galicia was my least favourite bit on account of all the noisy crowds and holiday makers, Santiago itself being excepted of course!

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Muchas gracias, Pacha.  Spectaculo!

Brought back wonderful, wonderful memories....

Was at the Quack's today, getting my usual prescription for asthma (and thank you, Clair and others, for telling me I could have the ordonance renewed more than once) when I had to make out the cheque for payment.  When I realised, I remembered your post, I told the doctor (lovely chap, not my usual man but a locum) that today was the fete of St Jacques.

He got out his calendar and checked it out for himself.  Then I told him about last year's pelerinage and he was suitably and gratifyingly impressed (LOL) and said that it was hard enough DRIVING it.

Then, I got my prescription and two kisses [:D]

Oh, such an unforgettable experience...............

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Oh, Gem, I thought of you today and of my two friends across the pond!

I could never, ever forget the incredible experience and, as you might have guessed, I thought of my Camino House and I was filled with joy and gratitude.

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