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Floppy Discs Getting rid of them


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Time for a sort out ... About 100 floppy's mostly setup for Windows 95 and Lotus Remember that ? .

I am not happy about letting them go to the tip as some could have peoples confidential info on them . How did you get rid of yours ? .. I tried cutting them in half ...boy are they tough ! I thought of putting them on the BBQ but they will stink out the neighbours !
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[quote user="Frederick"] ... About 100 floppy's mostly setup for Windows 95 and Lotus Remember that ? . .... [/quote]

That's going back a bit [;-)]

I sat one long winter evening a couple of years back, with all of them floppies I had about the office (after making sure that any info still needed was properly saved elsewhere!) and went on a plastic recycling exercise.

Took the sliding bit off at the top, then the little spring falls off, then prized apart the plastic casing containing the 'disk'. Finally with scissors I cut daintly little patterns in the round ever so thin floppy bit. I just let rip with my imagination. Sprayed them with goldy, silvery car paint and lots of glitter bits on them, and strung them up like a chain and hung that about my apple tree in the garden.

That was my Xmas outside decorations sorted .

And that was the end of my floppies and a good productive evening was had by yours truly [:)]

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I agree that cracking them in half is difficult and positively dangerous to your fingers.

I put mine in a very hot wood burning stove, several at a time.  They burned like phosperous and there was nothing left of them in the morning.

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I binned most of my floppies before coming to France 4 years ago but kept a few and glad I did because just a few weeks back I used a Windows 95 boot floppy with Norton Disk Doctor on it to recover the partitions on drive where somebody had tried to install Ubuntu alongside XP and made a complete cods of it [;-)]

The machine wouldn't recognise my USB boot flash drive but did see my external USB floppy drive.

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