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Peter Oborne on the riots

Edward Trunk

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[quote user="Edward Trunk"]Spot-on article by Peter Oborne in todays "Telegraph" http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/peteroborne/100100708/the-moral-decay-of-our-society-is-as-bad-at-the-top-as-the-bottom/[/quote]       

All the trouble of activating your link to find that I had already seen it yesterday evening.

On the technical side regarding the basic courtesy of posting active links would you perhaps give him a dunces cap or kick him in the "ghoulies" as appropriate.


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"People not perceiving the Money to be gone, are apt to be jealous one

of another; and each suspecting anothers inequality of Gain to rob him

of his share, every one will be imploying his skill, and power, the best

he can, to retrieve it again, and to bring Money into his Pocket in the

same plenty as formerly. But this is but scrambling amongst our selves,

and helps no more against our want, than the pulling of a short

Coverlet will, amongst Children, that lye together, preserve them all

from the Cold. Some will starve, unless the Father of the Family provide

better, and enlarge the scanty Covering. This pulling and contest is

usually between the Landed-man and the Merchant. For the Labourer's

share, being seldom more than a bare subsistence, never allows that body

of Men time or opportunity to raise their Thoughts above that, or

struggle with the Richer for theirs, (as one common Interest,) unless

when some common and great Distress, uniting them in one universal

Ferment, makes them forget Respect, and emboldens them to carve to their

Wants with armed force: And then sometimes they break in upon the Rich,

and sweep all like a deluge
. But this rarely happens but in the

mal-administration of neglected or mis-manag'd Government."

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