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Have you ticked DIVERS: Comptes à l'étranger, reprise de réductions ou de crédit d'impôt on about p6 DÉCLARATION DE REVENUS after the general details and before you get to 2042 online?

This is a good general guide for completing the tax return online and the order in which the pages should be completed http://bh-assurances.fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/HOW-TO-DECLARE-YOUR-TAX-ONLINE.pdf

You may end up with the 2041E problem is you have an S1 and tick 8SH/8SI

It is a bug in the system. Just go back to DÉCLARATION DE REVENUS "Déclarations ANNEXES” at the start and untick it. If it is already unticked, click it, come out of your online account completely, come back to it and go back to “annexes” and deselect (untick) form 2041.
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