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Another Consequence of Political Correctness?


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From the Press Association:

Sex-free British passports could be brought in to allow transgender people to opt out of identifying themselves as either male or female under plans being considered by the Home Office. Under the proposals, the UK passport could have a single box marked "sex", which could be marked with an X.

Does anyone else consider this to be ridiculous? Pandering to the insecurities of a very, very small proportion of the population. I can see that such people may be unwilling for their true chromosomal sex to be shown, but if they have (through homones and surgery) assumed a gender and an appropriate appearance should they not just accept the consequences of that?

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Well, I once worked with a trans-sexual who went from being a man to halfway through the process of the change and then backed out and reverted mid-way through the surgery/hormone therapy.  I guess for him (as he is now) the option to opt out would have been useful.  As I read that sentence, this is all this is? - a third choice.  I have no problems with that myself.  Each to their own, it certainly wouldn't harm me in any way if this were to be brought in and if it helps others then, great.
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Having watched french tv for so long and french tv is not all bad by any means.  I have seen some reports about the most unusual of things, one I remember seeing was a report about somewhere around Indonesia Malaya where society accepts that are three sexes.

Why not, M F and N. I actually don't mind. I can get wound up and annoyed by some things,  just not this.



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