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[quote user="Val_2"] Such a horrible disease with a poor prognosis.[/quote]Mr C's best friend from school has it but Addenbrokes have dealt with it really well in spite of his own hospital sounding the death knell.  He's still going strong after four years and two of his fellow sufferers who remained at the other hospital have been dead for a couple of years now.  Just goes to show.

Yes, he came over as a bit of a pl*nk*r at times (NF I mean) but one wouldn't wish that on anybody.  And at least he seemed fun.  Sad.

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That's sad. I met him on a couple of occasions. His remit was to produce good programmes rather than show himself in a favourable light. I enjoyed his French adventures, and his Island Parish programmes, but the thing I will remember him for is being attacked by an aggressive pig on the BBC South news programme.

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Sad ...

I remember one of his early program about the Ilala on Lake Malawi. This very old ferryboat just goes up and down Lake Malawi day in and day out since ...? possibly since Adam was knee high to a grasshopper, Heaven knows when. He was a brave man to go on board as I've seen that rotting, rusting hull of a boat and nothing in the world would have made me jump on board to travel on it.

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