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I know that it is probably just me, but on the odd occassion that I go into Sainsburys, I tend to look at the clothes and wonder why they put everything out as 'one size'.

And then I start looking through the rails and there are sizes marked on the clothes.

I just cannot get over seeing TU and thinking 'one size'.


If they still have a shop in Calais, won't the french get as confused as me[8-)]

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Funny. but whenever I go into Sainsburys and see the clothes range under the 'TU' brand I think of Idun's previous forum name [;-)]

But seriously, I've always found the TU range excellent, I have several much-liked items that I wear often and didn't cost very much at all.

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Thought of this thread today, idun (thanks for the PM by the way).

I had to go to a funeral in France today, and one of my stepsons turned up wearing a very snappy dark suit.  He said he had bought it yesterday in London as he had found the moths had bored through his existing suit.  

When I saw TU on the label inside the jacket, I sniggered secretly.  It turns out that he had gone to Sainsbury's to buy a white shirt for today's funeral and then seen the suits with 25% off.  Turns out he bought the dark suit AND a white shirt - for a total of £50!


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