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Midnight in Paris


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I have just seen this film (in French...)

I found it absolutely delightful, a film which is visually beautiful with a great sound track, and which should appeal to all who love the Romance of Paris, and its cultural past.

But don't be put off...it's just a magical piece of cinema.

A key to some of the characters


An account (beware it gives the whole story away)


the trailer


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Yes she  plays a guide showing people round the Rodin museum, and is  in a couple of scenes.  Rumour has it that it didn't go particularly well, and there was talk of re-shooting the scenes with the actress who plays another rôle selling records, but in any case Carla Bruni is in the finished version.

You get a glimpse of her in the trailer in the link above.

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[quote user="cooperlola"]Discussed on the Review Show this week.  If you missed it (the Review Show, that is), you can catch it on BBC i-player if you have a poxy server.  It sounds like Allen has found his commercial talent again, as it's his highest grossing film ever.[/quote]

Many of my IT things could be described as poxy, but not my server [6]

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