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Saturday afternoon a parigot asks for the loan of a hammer to break a car window, lend him a 4lb lump hammer.

He strikes the passenger window several times but is unable to break it. I suggest breaking the rear passenger window as it will shatter.

OK there are a lot of pseudo crystalline bits inside the vehicule. He has been fishing at the mill weir so he uses his fishing rod to pull the inside release catch to no avail. The car is an AUDI A5 so I remind him about the drunk left in a a similar vehicule earlier this year who was unable to get out and died from the heat.

He told me that the keys were in the boot.

Stuff a young boy through the broken window who retrieves the key from the boot.

Drama over and the weekend continues.

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Striking any passenger window will cause it to shatter as they're made of tempered glass. The art is in doing it correctly!

A single blow from a 16 oz hammer combined with a centre punch, masonary nail, or hardened drill bit will do the job nicely.

With a spring loaded punch, no need for a hammer. Just place in lower corner of window glass and press - job done.[:)] 

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Country bumpkins are taught never to question parigots.

The parigot chose the lump hammer rather than a ball-peen hammer.

Not my job or station to wonder why.

He was very happy with my peasant advice and thanked me profusely.

Fortunately he refrained from proffeing "bisous".

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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]

I suppose it was really his car ?  [:-))]



The adult male knew nothing about the car, the yougster male around 11 years old was familiar with the layout of the car and in particular the access to the boot. They both knew where the key was ie in the boot.

I think the boy had been technically party to his own kidnapping because he hated living with his mother and they were probably on their way to morocco.[:)]

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