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Would you rather be old but hungry?


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Only a jokey sort of a question.  Some of these so-called research projects are just too silly .....


Mind you, I can't claim not to care.  Only recently, I've embarked on a low carb and next to no alcohol diet[:(]

NOT an enjoyable way to live and I am sure that, if I continue with it, life will certainly FEEL longer!

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You shouldn't eat 'low' anything but eat a balanced diet with the right amount of everything.  If you want to lose weight whilst still eating healthily, that is.  Try creating a profile on www.sparkpeople.com and then use the nutrition tracker daily to help you balance what you eat.  It really makes you think about what you're eating.  You don't have to 'diet' - just eat what you normally eat but in the right proportions.  I've lost twenty pounds since I started using the site around the middle of August.  Its best to lose weight slowly to maintain the loss and to allow your skin to adjust!

They have an exercise tracker too but I haven't started using that yet.  I decided I'd wait until I look like I'm slowing down on the weight loss and then use exercise to get me going again.  Its been a while since I seriously exercised so I don't want to rush in and do myself a damage!

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