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When you have your cars serviced, do your hand-brakes get adjusted?

I don't seem to recall ours being done since we have been in France.

Do you have to ask specifically to have it régablé (assuming that is the right word to use)? 

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On most if not all modern vehicles there is no seperate handbrake adjustment, it should effectively be self adjusting, if it is not holding properly or has too much travel it will normally point to worn linings/pads or a problem with the cables, stretched or seized, possibly corroded discs etc.

If the handbrake lever has normal travel but when you pull it up firmly it will not hold on a moderate slope it could be glazed pads/linings this is common with the current asbestos free friction materials on a vehicle where teh brakes are used very lightly.

Every year when I used to go to cornwall to see my late father and service his car he always asked me to see to the brakes but particularly the handbrake, all I ever did was take the car (a Polo) for a god hammering around the country lanes, hills etc giving the brakes a real hammering, it always deglazed the discs/drums and brought the brakes back to efficiency and crucially meant that my father with his limited strength coulkd use the handbrake properly.

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Thank you for the explanation, Chance.

So.....if they are going to vérifier les rotules, les plaquettes, les soufflets and change the filters, the windscreen cleanser, the lights and replace the timing belt including tensioners, is that the full service then?

I did ask about les freins and he said he'd check those and do whatever's necessary to them.


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I would be amazed if you could see what you were doing Anton! Unless it was a race car with a flip up fibreglass front end.

My all time (not) favorite jobs on Minis in no particular order.

Water pump by pass hose.

Steering rack

Rear subframe replacement and or mountings

Front to rear brake pipe

Front to rear hydrolastic pipes

Rear radius arm bearings

Transmission idler gear bushes

I am sure that I have forgotten loads more.

All these things would be quite pleasureable now if the mini were used as une voiture de collection but a right pain in the butt when the vehicle was needed to get to work the next day.

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