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Happy Birthday, Mr Coops


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Just a quick word, folks for the largely unsung hero in helping defeat (at least for the moment)  Margaret the lump.

It is Mr C's 63rd birthday today.  Happily I haven't reacted yet to this round of chemo (it usually takes a couple of days before the stomach begins to churn and the inevitable follows) so we've opened a bottle of fizz and the duck is in the pan.

Everybody who's gone through any sort of illness like this knows how hard it is for the poor support team.  I know there are times when he must feel rather taken for granted because sometimes it's tough to be nice even to those you really care for.  However, what I know is that those who have to cope with these things on their own must have a far tougher time than I.  So Happy Birthday, Mr Coops, I don't know how I would have managed these past 3 and a half years without you (nor the 35 before them for that matter.)

[kiss][kiss][kiss][kiss][kiss](you get the message!)

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63!! Still some time to go yet and we hope that you have a goodun.

Mr C, you must be one of the most sung unsung heros there is. That is because of the singing that Mrs C has done for you!

The only wishes we have for you both is that you can sing your story out together for a lot of years to come!

Happy birthday mate!

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