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I nearly got myself killed yesterday because I started to doubt myself. I have sais in the past that we have had no hold ups of anything untoward on the M25, but it stuck in my mind that it was always blocked.

So I head south on the M1 and join the M25 west and tootle on, now that was a big mistake, lorry up my rear immediately and all the cars flying past. So I join in the fun and was in the outside and middle lane doing 70 all the way to Junction 10.

What a good road, I remember having to use the some sort of ring road years ago and it was terrible.

So I cheer the M25 and am very happy that it helped me on my way without problem.
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You do know how to pick the subjects Idun!

The worst experiences of the M25 must be trying to get to Gatwick or Heathrow and held up by a traffic jam. Usually at the Dartford bridge.

I was once in a queue at Gatwick and people were dashing in last minute - got held up at the bridge - why? It was raining - always blocked when its raining!

Wheres the logic in that?


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Back in the day I used to commute from the Weald of Kent to Harlow.  At the time the bridge was in the process of being built.  One night (I left work in Essex at about 8pm that day), they found a uxb and I got home at 5 o'clock the next morning!  I just  walked the dog and fed the horses, had a shower and put on another suit and a clean blouse, then set off for Essex again![:-))]
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[quote user="JK"]The M25 may be trying at times.  Imagine that it had not been built.[/quote]

In the late 70s I lived in Kent and travelled to the extremities of London via the Reigate turnoff. At the time you came off the M20 at Wrotham and travelled along the A25 to Godstone - the M26 had not been built and the southern part of the M25 consited of a short piece from Godstone to Leatherhead. There were not all the lorries etc that there are now with a large number heading to Folkestone and Dover.

The only time I got held up was by a convoy of Italian army lorries - no doubt turned left in Rome instead of right and ended up in the UK [:D]


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