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Selling presents on Ebay


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[quote user="Frederick"]......  too tight cardigan I got this year ![/quote]

I hope that was a Christmas 'scene' one as Mrs 'Q' informs me that they are all the rage this year. Some pillock sent me socks with individual toes, they are on my naff present list for next year.

A friend of mine recycles presents. I told him that it's not a wise thing to do, did he listen, well put it this way he managed to send his MIL the same present she sent him the year before. He said it was deliberate because she has not spoken to him since so I am not sure if this was a good move or not. [;-)]

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Of course it wasn't a good move as it invites further contact.

People who don't contact me don't get christmas presents from me - but nor do those who do. Di and I exchange presents if/when the mood takes us and as neither of us celebrates an anniversary at this time of year there is no pressure on us to waste money.


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