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I used a French based Internet company. The sell glass's from 33 Euros and 'branded' ones from 99 Euros including varifocal.

The biggest problem with varifocal, or progressive as they are called in France, is getting the setup right. It's not just a simple thing of knowing where the centre of your eyes are. I bought varifocal glass's from this company via the Internet, the fill monty, anti this anti that and photo whatsit and it cost under 200 Euros. When I got them they didn't really work, mainly focus problems with the result that I walked in to things because they were out of focus round the edges. Contacted the company and they asked me to take a photo of myself with the glass's on and a ruler in front of my face. I did all this and sent them back. When they returned about 7 days later they were perfect. I have had them since 6th Jan 2010, they have a two year guarantee. Between this Christmas and New Year I sent them back under warranty. Every month I clean my glass's in the dish washer, seems logical to me, the rest of the time I use washing up liquid and dry them with kitchen towel. Little did I know, and I know what you are all thinking but wait, that using kitchen towel is a no no, it scratches the lens's whilst sticking them in a dishwasher at low temperature does not hurt them, or so they said. In my case it rubbed off the photo whatsits coating. So anyway I sent them back and said they didn't change colour when the sun came out. After 23 months of the two year guarantee my glass's are being returned, free of charge, with new lenses. Now seeing as I think I have pushed my luck and also as I have, on more than one occasion, maligned customer service in France I think this is pretty dammed good service.

I also have a new pair of glasses because I thought this company would tell me to bog-off. I bought them in Spain when visiting from Specsavers. They are the same price that you would pay in the UK but my eyes were tested on site, the chosen frames adjusted, and I received my glass's here in France two weeks later. Not bad as they are made in the UK, sent to Spain when completed the posted to me in France. So now, OK within the next couple of days, I will have two pairs of A1 glass's.

One thing I did discover is don't have plastic lens's. Glass lens's are stronger (or more to the point less susceptible to scratches) but more brittle if you drop them, don't require cleaning so often and are actually cheaper.

If you want to know who this outstanding company is drop me a PM and I will send you the URL.

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Like Bugsy, I've had excellent service from Spex4Less, including normal glasses, sunglasses and even prescription ski goggles.  All perfect and very quick delivery.   There was even one time when I wanted a pair of sunglasses in a hurry and couldn't find my last eye test details.  I just rung them up and my last prescription from a few months previous were called up by the helpful lady and I got my sunglasses 2 days later!

I'm not sure if I would use them for Progressives or some complex lens requirement but for my run-of-the-mill eyes they are great

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