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Well, this Forum has lost none of its warmth, I see! Lovely to read so many positive messages in only a few hours since my OP, so TVM for that, one and all! Deb rang at 0015, to say that the hospital (I think LM is the biggest non-teaching hospital in France) had concluded that this is an infection of some sort, and were conducting tests. She rang again at 10.45 today, and has been given food, which indicates they do not expect a surgical intervention. I'm not sure she could eat much, mind. She awaits further news, is breathless due to ongoing pressure on the diaphragm, but we had a giggle. Your warmth has been passed on - and will help, I'm sure!
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Deb spent some hours with a tube up her nose, down her thoat to tumtum, to release some air. She was not a happy bunny - and it doesn't improve your powers of speech with one of those down your throat! Now she has had a scan. As a result, she's spending the night in the Gynaecology Department, with every likelihood that she will shortly be dispensing with some bits she never had any use for anyway....
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Deb must have been naughty, as the gaeni lot threw her out after 24 hrs. She is now back in the general hospital, who are charged with finding the root problem. On oxygen, still can't eat, sleeping a lot. Not great. She needs a lot more strength before the gaeni team can sort what's been seen on her ovaries. Frightening. I believe tomorrow they expect to puncture the bloat, and that may sort a few problems in one hit.
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