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[quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="Théière"]

Margaret eh, is that after the blood sucking life ruining Mrs T?

[/quote]You may think that; I could not possibly comment....[Www][/quote]

Not lost your sense of humour I see! 

Brilliant, glad to see the medics have done their best .... and super to see you posting - it is definitely NOT the same without you!  Bonne chance.

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[quote user="just john "]I have only just come across this Coops, so of course accept my best wishes, but I for one never doubted your resilience, now about that test drive on the Porker . . .[/quote]My next meeting re the accident is in September, with both docs and representatives from both insurers, after which they hope to "close the file" and make me an offer of compensation.  Thus your link is well timed, JJ.[:D]


I'm guessing though, that a 1:12 scale version will be more likely!

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Well, if there's booze on the cards then I might well let you have my address....[Www]

Hugg the doggies back for me.[kiss][kiss]

There's now talk of a release within the next couple of days if the blood test I get in the morning goes in the right direction.  I'm still struggling to eat large amounts but to some extent that is no bad thing!

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Which aint right as you are a good trencherwoman!

I suppose you need some sort of halfway house to go to to, see if you behave yourself!

Anyway, no lifting or driving for weeks and weeks, even cups of tea, so Mr Pooksie will have to be your body slave for a little longer.[6]

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On holiday in France house hunting this week, I raised my glass tonight to your continued improvement and hope you have seen the last of hospitals for a long time. Good luck with the Porsche - I am sure you deserve it even in 1:12 format even though that might mean rather stringent lack of food[:D]

Glad to hear everything has taken a turn for the better.  All the best and I hope it continues

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[quote user="Rose"]much love to you and yours xx

[/quote]Back at you, as they say across the pond.  I know I'm far from alone on this forum as regards the Big C.  Cr*p, ain't it?


Of course, the next tour is on my mind, and I'm still thinking about Paul T's idea for a get together, also.  Maybe when the Porker's been delivered?[Www]

Thanks to all for your continued good wishes.  Blood test results back by midday and if they are going in the right direction, Mr C can collect me this afternoon!  Nothing happens for weeks then it's all over in a flash.[:-))]

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[quote user="cooperlola"]

[quote user="NormanH"]

Get well soon so I can disagree with you again[:P]


It's a no.  So I'm stuck here until Friday when we start all over again.[:-))]


Sorry about that.  I had that experience several times, which is why I ended up spending so long away.

Still best to be there where they can look after you when you need it...and you do have access to us [kiss]

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