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Mercedes Treasure.


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Yesterday, friday a US Judge in Tampa, Florida in execution of the previous Appeal Court dismissal of the Odyssey plaint, ordered the treasure salvaged from the Spanish Warship to be returned to Spain on the 24th february next.

Whilst the cargo of a Spanish Vessel sunk by the British in 1804 may seem irrelevant the story is fascinating from a historical and international legal viewpoint. The second link below gives the PDF file recording the 2011 Appeal Court judgment.



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[quote user="idun"]Well really if we have to go all pc, the peruvians should get it back. Surely in this day and age when colonialism appears to be so frowned upon, then the spannish should be doing this for Peru[Www]........... sorry ROFLPMP![/quote]

But what about the secret treaty to give it to france.[:)]

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