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Making a 21st Birthday Special


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It was my grandsons 21st and last wekend he came to stay with us  with a request that on Sunday I dirve him to Old Sarum Airfield  Salisbury . There he met up with a young lady he used to know when in our local  school and they have kept in touch  He spent his birthday money having fixed up a free fall  parachute drop (their first ) from 10000 feet over the airfield as the young lady  also did it .

What I also found out is that they  had  pressed their UNI  friends their parents and anybody else they could get hold of to sponsor them .... So not only did they have special memories of the 21st.birthday get together ....The NSPCC should  benefit by about £500 . 

What special events do you remember attending  connected with celebrating a Birthday ?  


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