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Buying and getting tyres fitted


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My garage wants €200 to sell and fit a couple of Kleber tyres for my old banger, which seems pretty expensive, even with a discount. Could anyone suggest alternative, reliable ways of buying and getting tyres fitted svp? Can the online people, like Pneus Online with their fitting services be trusted?
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A colleague had tyres from Pneus Online delivered and fitted for her Toyota Yaris no problems. 

She did take an option where they were delivered to the place where they were fitted rather than have then delivered directly to her if you see what I mean.

Not a bad price too but remember the 'little' extras like valves and balancing and also disposal of the old tyre. 

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If you have a local small garage that will fit them for a reasonable fee, then buying from UK will often provide savings or French suppliers. Camskill will deliver to France for £6 per tyre.

You need to compare like for like between them and the French suppliers as some sizes are cheaper in one country than the other with no logical reason to it.

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