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That one seemed to be wailing - understandably.   I  hoped it was one of those realistic-looking dolls, but the poor thing did look a bit  more alive than that.  

Don't know why the woman didn't use Indian clubs to swing, if she wanted to stay fit.  [Www]


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I'm sure everybody knows I'm alergic to babies myself but that's taking it a bit far...  (I had the sound off by the way - few things do for my blood pressure like the noise of kids.)

My mother is a physio and she used to get seriously worked up if people picked kids up by their arms as she reckoned it could do lasting damage in the shoulder department.  If that child has arthritis when it grows up then I reckon it should sue its mother.

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I hope the baby threw up all over her after that (didn't watch to the end - did it? - made me feel queasy just watching the way she was flinging the poor thing around)

I do reckon the first baby on the beach was a doll though....


Edit: I did know someone who managed - completely by accident and was mortified and very upset at the result - to dislocate her child's shoulder in some rough play. I can imagine either babies' joints are so flexible they can rotate happily without any problem or that they're extremely vulnerable - I'd go for the latter myself.

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