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Form 2041E again


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I have returned to the UK but have French Pensions AGIRC-ARRCO and CNAV. These have been paid monthly with deductions for impôts and CSG. On Form 2041E column 9 - « Retenue a la Source prélevée par votre employeur, caisse de retraite en France ». Should this column have both inpôts and CSG deductions added together or just impôts alone ?

Appreciate advice


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There is a version of the notice and the form in English which may be clearer?


It looks as though the label column 9 on the French version might be an error and should be column 7?
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Many thanks for your reply.  I hadn't thought to look at the English version !  It seems that the English version refers to a quite differnt version of 2041E but both headed "2020" !  I have decided to put both impots and CSG in Column 9 and then confirm the breakdown in the supplementary note that one can add.

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