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Not only DSK...

Christine Animal

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I'm no fan of Clooney the actor (nor does he do much for me in the looks department - although more than he did now he's grown the beard) but wow, good for him.


Much was made when DSK was perp walked but it is indeed standard procedure in the US to 'cuff supsects.   Thus I felt that the fuss made over here was so daft - better to address the whole human rights issue of the way the US treats the innocent (for that is what they are until a court decides otherwise) in such a humiliating way, than to scream about the specific person to whom it was being done.

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[quote user="Christine Animal"]gets handcuffed, Clooney too!


It has been said that sometimes the shooting schedules for "The West Wing" had to be re-arranged around the (not infrequent) arrests of one Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez (Martin Sheen) whilst taking part in demonstrations.

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