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What was frustrating was that both books had good stories to tell (one was a biography) but missed out on being really good reads because it seemed no one had the courage to give a good critique before it was published, one had lots of typographical errors - the other tended to go over the same ground without progressing.

I hope Kindle give some pointers as to what makes a  book a good read!

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Heartily agree about the typos, and also there have been lots of grammatical errors, misuse of (fairly common) words and just general slapdash proofreading (if, indeed, there has been any) in some I've come across. I tend to avoid the free books unless and until they make the top 50 and have plenty of reviews. I can't help but think that the first two or three reviews are from friends and family..

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[quote user="Russethouse"]These books were not free but they were very cheap, £1 - £1.50 or so, which is peanuts...... I don't think I've ever tried a free book, yet ![/quote]

Well, nearly all mine are free downloads.  Quality does vary, with the published ones better than the smashwords and self publishing ones the worst.  I agree that it is annoying, but with the self -published ones I can, within reason, accept it..... but only if the quality of writing is good. 

Some are just not worth bothering to read.....either the story-line, the quality of the publishing or the typos letting them down.

Still yer pays yer money and yer takes yer choice, I presume!

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