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Form 2042 - 8 Divers (S1 holders)

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I'd like some help on this section please. Last year ticked boxes 8sh/sl . This year I see there are two other boxes 8RP/RQ higher up under this section and wondered if these are the ones to use now no longer in EU/la Suisse.

Hope this makes sense if anyone can help.


Edit: just found a posting by Pomme 6/10/20 which clarifies what boxes 8RP/RQ are for, I'm not techy enough on my tablet to copy but seems these boxes aren't relevant for pension income. Sos.
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nomoss wrote the following post at 10 May 2021 19:05:

You should tick boxes 8RP and 8RQ if your health insurance is covered by S1 forms, so not by the French system.

I don't agree .. it's for people who have private cover or cover by/from a foreign country.

People with existing S1s have French cover which is paid for by the UK by an existing agreement, which will continue for existing beneficiaries.

This agreement will disappear for recent arrivals (from the UK, post Brexit)
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nomoss: You don't need to tick 8RP/8RQ

see the discussion from last year http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance-forums/cs/forums/3678892/ShowPost.aspx

which you concluded with

Thanks, pomme. Ticking them didn't hurt anything anyway

As an explanation, I wrote

The full 2020 tax brochure pratique https://tinyurl.com/yc69bavh explains 8RP/8RQ:


La CSG et la CRDS sur les revenus d'activité ainsi que la contribution salariale de 10 % applicables aux gains de levée d'options et aux gains d'acquisition d'actions gratuites imposés selon les règles

des traitements et salaires sont dues par les contribuables affiliés à un régime obligatoire français d'assurance maladie.

Si vous ne relevez pas d'un régime obligatoire français d'assurance maladie, cochez la case 8RP ou 8RQ. Les revenus déclarés case 1TT ou 1UT ne seront pas soumis aux contributions sociales (CSG, CRDS, contribution salariale).

and 1TT/1UT are only for

Gains de levée d'options attribuées à compter du 28.9.2012 ; gains d'acquisition d'actions gratuites attribuées à compter du 28.9.2012 sur décision prise au plus tard le 7.8.2015 ; gains d'acquisition d'actions gratuites attribuées sur décision prise à compter du 31.12.2016 pour leur fraction excédant 300 000 €

So I don't think 8RP/8RQ are of relevance to many of us!
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It is because it relates to a part of the forms you completed last year and they've assumed you will need to do complete the same sections this year.

If you click on the Help ? on the right-hand side of the line you will get an explanation of the coverage.
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Your documents for past years are also available online in your account.

Go to Tableau de bord then Documents then Consulter mes Documents.

Select a year.

Then click on Afficher les documents liés under Déclaration en ligne des revenus

There will be lines for

Déclaration en ligne des revenus = 2042

Déclaration en ligne des revenus encaissés à l'étranger = 2047 and

Déclaration en ligne par un résident d’un compte bancaire, d’actifs numériques = 3916
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