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Hollande visits the Queen


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[quote user="gardengirl "][quote user="NormanH"]I wonder which other half he would have given her photos of...[6]


[6]     [:D]



I loved this part of the newspaper report, if nothing else one can always talk about the weather![:)]

Surtout la pluie d'ailleurs, qui poursuit François Hollande depuis son

élection et l'Angleterre depuis qu'elle existe. "Il pleut toujours ?",

lui demanda la reine. "Toujours", répondit le président, qui ajouta un

très diplomatique : "Il n'y a pas de jalousie à avoir entre la France et l'Angleterre."[:D]

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I smiled at that too Cendrillon, plus something like

"a few other immortal words were exchanged, about the rain and the weather."

I wondered how they would arrange the visit, as Sarkozy was invited with his wife and they stayed the night I think.

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