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Did you want to rent a luxury yacht ?

Christine Animal

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When I left the RAF I spent a couple of years delivering yachts to people. I got in to it by mentioning to my cousin that I had taken a few yachts here and there for friends. He worked for Sunseeker at the time and put me in touch with one of the owners who in turn asked me to do a few deliveries.

Sunseeker sponsored a very famous F1 driver at the time (and has continued to do so for many years and at that time drove for Lotus - no names please) and I was asked to deliver his new yacht to him out in Florida Keys. Before I continue you should be aware that the waiting time for a yacht from them at the time was about three to four years.

Well I delivered to yacht and was told to wait till the post delivery team arrived who would check and clean the thing then take the new owner out and show him how everything worked etc, etc. Well the new owner was not going to hang around and decided to take it out on his own even though he was told to wait. Off he went, showing off a tad, got a bit to close to some rocks and ripped the bottom out and of course it sank. Sad thing was his insurance policy was set to start the following day. One very red faced F1 driver, one very happy insurance company and one very angry yacht builder.

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I think I can understand, many years ago a race engineer spent many hours building a new race car for a wealthy client and they exit-ted the paddock and stuffed it into paddock hill bend, the engineers comments were unbelievable and he never worked on the clients car again.
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