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Taking a car to Germany


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There is a lot of fuss (un-necessarily) being made in the driving section about items needed by tourists as well as locals when driving in France.

In Germany you may also need an environmental sticker for your car if you are visiting cities.   We have to get one for our car for a trip in September to Cologne. Cost is 5 euros and the website below includes an online "shop" where you can buy one. You need to scan your car document to send them. The sticker stays with the car for all time.  Slightly easier for us as our daughter will get us a sticker (we still have to scan the document).

Internet site (in English) with information for

tourists about where you need a sticker etc.


Fine is 40 euros if no sticker shown when you enter a zone (even if your car would have qualified for a sticker but you didn't get one).

Mrs H

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My daughter tells me that 5 euros is the cost of the sticker, so presumably 6 euros includes postage. I admit I did not look in the "online shop" bit much as my daughter will get us one locally and post it to us.

Proves too that I should check before posting info that other people have already posted.  Sorry.

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