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Quite apart from getting the wrong flag for North Korea, I have noticed many Union Flags being flown or displayed upside down. The latest was at the Weymouth sailing HQ this morning.

Same same during the Jubilee celebrations, some flags seemed to have been sold fixed to their sticks the wrong way up.... 

I think the citizens of most countries know which way up their flag goes, why is this so difficult for Brits? Don't they get told in school?

In the unlikely event anyone here is not sure:






Upside down:-


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There was a bloke from the 'Flag Society' (or something like that) on the radio the other day.

They had offered their expertise to LOCOG some time back, but it was never taken up.  It was an interesting interview nonetheless.  There are so many bananas to slip up on!!

Similarly, an interview with the guy who re-arranged all the national anthems, only a third of which will ever be used in a Gold Medal award ceremony. It was important to not only get it right (regime change, possible anthem change), but ensure that it had enough 'oomph' when played in front of 70k spectators.  

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