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Does anyone know about lorry clutches? The clutch is fine however I am loosing clutch fluid.

The mechanic says that part after the clutch is leaking & needs replacing The recepteur embrayage he also recommends I change the emetteur embrayage.

Which I think means the clutch master cylinder & slave cylinder. Is that the correct translation ?

The cost for the parts and labour are an eye watering 950 eeek.

My lorry / horse box is a leyland daff 45.130.

Thanks in advance for any answers
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Hi Nubeginnings!

Unlikely that the master cylinder will need changing as well except perhaps if water has found its way into it, they are effectively seperate jobs so its not as if its a false economy not to change it whilst doing the slave cylinder. (a double negative!)

You can get a slave cylinder for £25 here http://www.wanapart.co.uk/Clutches-&-Flywheels-Cylinders-&-Cables-Clutch-Master-&-Slave-Cylinders-DAF-45%3Cbr%3E1991/1-2000/2-FA-45.130-B08-FA-45.130-C08%3Cbr%3EDiesel%3Cbr%3E%3Cbr%3E96-Kw%3Cbr%3E131-HP%3Cbr%3E1991/5-2000/2/c48_49_11_1611161_1611358_1611362/p8086663/Releaser/product_info.html?osCsid=9385126fbb99ddd28d43e567797b15a5

To be sure its the right part do the vehicle search using your reg number.

Hopefully its an external cylinder so should be no more than a couple of hours labour, if its a concentric axial type then its a gearbox out job, these are more common on passenger cars and I hope that commercial vehicles have not adopted them.

Good luck

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Funnily enough, I posted on a similar set of bits recently.  Be aware that the recepteur (slave cylinder - thanks to Chancer & others I now know this!) is steering wheel side specific, as I found out to my cost,so you must make sure that you get the right bit.  My garage ordered one and it turned up LHD so we in the end settled on my buying it in the UK.  Pretty cheap that way, as Chancer says, so if you can do this kind of deal you'll save a fair bit on the part at least.

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[quote user="Jay"]The LHD/RHD warning also applies to car battery (fatal if connected wrong way) and most exhaust systems.[/quote]A vehicle battery must be connected correctly with regard to pos/neg. This has nothing to do with LHD/RHD. In my experience negative earth is almost the universal standard
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Nice witty comment Chancer, there is always one, thanks!

It is obvious to even the most incompetent mechanic that the battery on a car must be connected with due regard to polarity. However a battery purchased in France for a UK car may well have the terminals reversed when fitted into the existing tray and it is all too easy to connect up incorrectly as some have found to their cost. For instance a battery I purchased in a French supermarket for a UK produced car, will only fit one way in the normal tray position, had the poles reversed and the negative (earth) lead had to be extended so it would reach the terminal.

Search "Battery connected the wrong way round" in Google to see how many people have made this fatal (for the car electrics) mistake.

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Still nothing to do with LHD RHD but supermarkets not being the best qualified to choose the correc battery for the vehicle.

There are 2 variants of most battery types one the mirror image of the other as regards polarity, note I have deliberately not called them left or right hand.

There may be a handfull of vehicles where the battery tray location is changed to allow the passage of the steering column and pedal box, the only one that I know of uses the same battery for both types, manufacturers dont choose to stock 2 different parts for no good reason.

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