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Sending parcels in France other than through La Poste


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I have used this outfit for delivery to our nearest Point Relais, which costs a lot less than La Poste.


I haven't tried their "Home" service, which I guess you would need for your parcel, but it may be worth comparing with LP.


Edit: Can't you return your item in a smaller box? I think the requirement for items to be returned in their original packing refers to immediate packing, not that used for shipment.

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It looks as if you have no choice.

Their T&C state that

"Les retours doivent être effectués par Votre Bureau de Poste local

comme par exemple la Royal Mail ou La Poste. Pour tout retour, nous

recommandons que Vous obteniez un reçu prouvant l’envoi puisque si Vos

produits ne nous sont pas livrés, Nous pourrions Vous demander la preuve

qu’ils nous ont bien été envoyés."
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I have been unable to get the home option to work, it asks me to choose a point relais so I don't think that will be an option. Thanks all the same .I will see if I can send it directly back to the uk through parcels please as that will work out cheaper though not cheap!
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Sorry 'bout that. Looks like they are not really up and running properly[:(]

An item I bought on Le Bon Coin was sent to me via this outfit, so I have experience only as a recipient.

The website is like so many others I have come across here - doesn't quite work as one would expect. Maybe just that the logic is different[:D]


Edit: For sending to UK, http://www.gwizzcouriers.co.uk/ are also very competitive

I also use http://www.interparcel.com/ , who give a small discount to registered users.

The prices vary from time to time, so I usually compare these two plus the one you use.

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Alternatively, I'm NEVER too proud to accept with gratitude anything that doesn't fit anyone else as I am now reasonably slender and I don't mind if things are a bit on the large side [:D]

Regards to Mrs G .....plenty of walks and absolutely no carbs or alcohol![:(]

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