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Painfully slow PC


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It might help if you said which operating system you have Sweets. Is it running slow or starting slow - or both.

If it's slow starting then Ccleaner is a good start but Windows has it's own utility to see what is automatically starting when you boot the machine. Unfortunately too many pieces of software seem to insert something into the start up routine even though it may serve no purpose except to place yet another icon in the task bar, consuming your PC's resources in the process and slowing it as a consequence.

From the Start button search for msconfig then double click on it to run it.

In the window which comes up choose the Startup tab then look down the list to try and identify things which may be starting up but which you don't really need. Some will be obvious, some not, typically you'll find things in there which alert you of updates for programmes you have installed, 99% of the time you don't need.

Unticking items is safe and reversible as if something stops working or doesn't work as expected then you can just go back and tick it again.

As a double backup create a system restore point before you start then take things one by one.

As a matter of routine I would make sure your antivirus is up to date then do a full system scan with it.

Have fun !

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[quote user="sweet 17"]Of course it would help if the PC wouldn't overheat itself [:(]  [/quote]

Errr ... I don't know whether this is a laptop or a desktop machine that you have, but if it is overheating, that may be contributing to the slowdown ... Have you tried opening the case and vacuuming out the dust and other stuff that may be clogging the interior and especially the fans?

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Thank you, Pommier, no mention of diseases connected to the chaleur, SVP! 

Pickles, it's a laptop and I will do a bit of cleaning of the bits that I can reach.  An American friend told me that, crazy as it might sound, you can download a fan online which works well apparently.  Unfortunately, she's forgotten what she did to download it!

Tomorrow, I will do a bit of manual tidying up as suggested by Erns but it's now working at quite a respectable speed.

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Well, guys, just want you all to know that, following defraging, cleaning, manual uninstallation of seldom-used programmes, the PC is now working at the speed of greased lightning.

Thank you very much for all your help and suggestions.  What would I do if I couldn't access the Forum!!??[:-))]

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I have looked at some info about fan speeds and free downloads to enable you to regulate the things.  However, as I am less than confident around computers, I have hesitated to download anything.  If someone has done any of this, perhaps you could tell us about it?

Thank you for asking, Wools, yes, rashes much improved though I can still see them lurking just under the surface of the skin.  It's the mycose (not on my feet but on my hands and fingers) that continue to exercise my patience.

But, indeed the temperature is now down to 72 F in the room where I am typing and I expect to get some sleep tonight.

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