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I have just received the following from Coops husband Ian:

Deb had been in the UK for the past three weeks, with a number of good times. However, about 10 days ago she experienced loss of appetite, and a gradual return of the bloating she'd had last year before the cancer was detected. As the days went by, she became exhausted, existing on Complan. Yesterday she managed to drive to Calais, where I met her, having travelled up by train, and I drove her car back here. We saw our GP and she referred Deb to A&E in Le Mans where she spent the night. On arrival she was given oxygen and a drip, has had an ECG and a scan, has a tube down her throat, and has just told me she is being transferred to the Oncology block. This is hardly good news - except that she is technically under an oncologist for her treatment from last year. More when I know it!

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[quote user="Russethouse"]... and has just told me she is being transferred to the Oncology block. [/quote]

Oh bu**er. Just when it seemed things were a lot better.

Thanks very much for letting us all know RH. You are obviously a very close friend; please give her our love and tell her I have every conceivable extremity well and truly crossed.


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Well thanks indeed to the estimable Russethouse for posting my news. For some reason my broswer - IE9 - doesn't like the mesage box and won't play properly. E.g. it won't let me add the missing s in message - just puts it after the last thing I typed, so no editing function, which is bad when you type as erratically as I do!

Anyway, Deb has had a scan but no news. Apparently the xray taken yesterday didn't show anything - but wasn't regarded as a great example of the art, either. I suspect, as last year, the bloating fluid is obscuring the detail, and there will be lots of head-scratching to decide how to remove it. Actually, now she's got some oxygen, Deb doesn't seem too bad in herself. She had had her room to herself, but they were preparing to bring in another patient, so Deb may invoke her single room rights, just to get some peace. It is also a bit annoying for the other patient if Deb can't sleep and wants to watch movies at 3 a.m. While she'd use headphones, I know from experience that the computer makes flashing lights all over the room in the dark.

We hope to get Deb online within a couple of days, so you can return to normal service, but until then I undertake to keep you informed whn possible. France Forum and the people who dwell here mean a great deal to Deb.



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