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Cooperlola - Compensation : Be warned!


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Thanks to this link http://www.fnvictimesdelaroute.asso.fr/calcul_prejudices.php kindly provided by a member, I have been able to verify that the compensation sums provided are pretty well right. There is 35% for atteinte permanente, which for Deb's age is 56k (my keyboard lacks a euro symbol), 5.5/7 for souffrances endurees, which works out at about 15k, and 2.5/7 for dommage esthetique, which might be 3k. Thus they meet the 74k now quoted spot on. We may regard that as derisory, but it is the system and that's that.

What hurts is that the remedial works they have undertaken are offset against the compensation - so Axa are perceived to have spent 95K, more than truly needed! We had fondly imagined that the works were over and above the claim for compensation, but evidently the insurers don't see it that way. I see them as having spent Deb's money for her, in effect, although there isn't much of the work that we wouldn't have wanted. I remain convinced that Deb didn't understand that critical detail - she believed in her last days there were monies to come, and there aren't.

The nightmare just got worse - although Axa could take it a stage further by requesting their 21k back!

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The mother of my son's friend had a bad car accident when an old biddy pulled out in front of her on a main road at a crossroads and injured her very badly causing her to lose the use of her right arm and the car a write off.She was insured through the bank locally here but they refused to pay out saying it was her fault which in no way it was and confirmed by the gendarmerie so she took them to the tribunal. After two years of arguing the company were finally ordered to pay a derisory sum of approx €30k which they refused to do, so it was back to tribunal and another year of wrangling until she finally got her money. Meanwhile she lost her job, her husband left her and she is registered disabled and renting a flat whilst bringing up three kids alone. The money was spent on buying a new car and helping her daughter go to uni etc and soon disappeared with living costs. Last year she got a court paper demanding the money be returned to the insurers asap as they had been to the tribunal again and contested their payout and won! Well, it is an ongoing story still and no way will that insurance payout ever be returned because she is on the RSA and aide juridique too! It just shows how evil some insurance companies are and what a waste of money it is paying to protect yourself and your property!

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And what is so unjust is that whenever we were discussing the evil ways of French insurers Debs was one of the few voices to defend them saying just how good her insurer was being towards her.

It was probably the only time that i didnt agree 100% with her, I felt that they were happy to be generous when they would be claiming it back from the other insurance company, in effect not spending their money but that of the 3rd party insurer, it sickens me to learn that they were actually spending Debs money [:(] It gives me no pleasure at all to have my decision to only have the minimum of insurance on the things that I legally have to validated, I really wish that Debs would have proved me wrong.

I just hope Ian that the contractors/artisans were those that you chose from your locality not those in the pockets of the insurers.

Val 2 there is something missing from your story, that of the 3rd party insurers, was the lady  uninsured? (sorry cant call her an old biddy we will all be one day)

It sounds like your friends insurers were uncertain that they would be able to reclaim the money hence resisted paying out yet in all policies the sums payable for loss of limbs etc are clearly defined, no question of it having to be covered by the 3Rd party or of whose fault the accident was.

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Mmm, two very sorrowful tales.

Seems that the French go one way and the UK the other where thousands are paid out for a broken finger nail.

Ian seems a case of things cannot get any worse - oh yes they can. I am sorry for all the additional stress you must be going through.


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I am quite unsurprised by this. I seem to remember starting a thread some time ago and some didn't agree with me, I think Sunday Driver being one and Debs another, although at that time, it did sound as if Debs was doing OK with hers. Sadly I wondered if they would do the dirty now.

I understand I have to be insured and that to be insured they will take our money. Other than that I have no faith, the only thing that I know is sure, is that we will have to pay them.

 I always say that I feel like they are a restaurant. You are invited in and sit down and given an menu. You chose from the menu and and are politely told that in this restaurant you have to pay first. Then you wait and no food comes.

So you call the waiter and they stand there and you say, 'I ordered food and paid, but I have not been fed'. To which they say, that they let us see a menu and they let us pay, but they never actually said that they would provide food.

Maybe a little harsh, but that is how I feel about it. I have really tried to think as to who we know who did OK and I can only think of one family who had problems with their house and the french insurance company was exceptionally good.

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[quote user="woolybanana"]Just plain nasty. Sorry you have to cope with this as well, Mr Pooksie.[/quote]

Yes it is the "insult to injury" that is the body-blow I'm reeling from. Hopefully brother Adrian will be here tonight and calm me down a bit. His twin - demonstrating exactly why I don't spend much time with them - actually emailed and suggested a Skype call tonight.

Skype? Me? We have so little in common, truly.

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On the basis that forewarned is fore armed I think it might be wise to at least have an initial consultation with a lawyer.

Are there any schemes in France where the first consultation is free?

We could all Skype if we really wanted to I guess, I just don't want to ...between emails and phone calls I can usually avoid it.
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