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This individual (and others) would not seem to be natural 'bedfellows' for any of us. You'll note that I chose my words carefully there.

Having said that, a legal process that takes umpteen years to reach this stage is IMO just plain wrong. 

If there was a case to answer in the UK, then he / they should have been up before a Court within 12 months. If not, then extradition with the possible, probably certain, intervention of the ECHR.  If that failed, then off to the US for a proper trial over there. Max 2 years

And yes, I know, that's more or less what has happened. Except that its taken (I think) eight or so years.  That ridiculously long process completely undermines any semblance of our perceived moral high ground.

Don't misunderstand me: its the process, which undoubtedly their lawyers have exploited, that I'm getting at. Madness. 

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Frankly I think they should just stick him on a plane to wherever and worry about an ECHR outcry afterwards, exactly what could they do about it anyway, force UK to take him back !

Alternatively, since he's now claiming some sort of mental illness (self evident from the outset I would have thought !), section him and feed him bacon butties and pork chops for the rest of his miserable days.

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His plea of mental problems will probably take another year or so to evaluate.

Abu Qatam (wanted in Jordan) will probably go the same route.

No wonder they are laughing at the UK/ EU legal system.

What a ridiculous state of affairs not to mention millions of tax payers’ money footing the bill for their legal aid .

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The amount of money that he and his family have cost the UK is outrageous. I am concerned that some solicitors have made a lot of money out of this and that four of his children have been convicted of crimes which further demonstrates his contempt of our country.

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