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Slight confession

Ivor Nidea

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I have to own up and confess to trying to have a little fun.

In my post on 20/11/12 at 10:46 I attempted to brighten my day by having a little fun with you.

After reading the posts "Am I getting old and intolerant" and "Was this guy right or wrong" I couldn't help but send a posting.

I have been a contributor for some considerable time (back in the Furry Knickers and Dick Smith days) but life has changed for me somewhat over the last few years which stopped me contributing for a while. Having decided to come back I found difficulty in logging in, mainly because of an email address change...and I forgot my password! So unfortunately I now have a change of identity.

It's really good to see many of the faithful posters, probably because like Norman you are banned elsewhere.

I was really saddened to learn that Deborah was no longer with us.

I see that many of the old names are no longer posting either.

It appears to be a little difficult to use the forum as well. It takes ages for the cursor to appear, if a mistake is made and I want to move back in the text it's very difficult to do so and posting a link I find is just about impossible. What's happened?

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New software some time ago has never been as good as the old one which was never as good as the one before etc etc. Try clicking on the torn page symbol next to the site address; it improves things a lot.

Anyway, good to have you back whoever you were; put a little fresh blood into the forum as some barrel dwellers are getting distinctly raddled!

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I think people have different experiences with different browsers.

I use Firefox and haven't had too many problems but others have had with various other ones in the past.

When I glanced at another Forum the other day (at someone else's place so the  IP wasn't a banned one) I noticed that the postings on another Forum reflected less experience of France, and less competence in French than is shown here by the majority of long term posters.

That  results in a lot of misinformation, which then is corrected and disagreed with, leading to a lot of activity which is not really going anywhere but gives the impression that there is more happening.

On another thread here I referred to a discussion there on the Taxe d'habitation where some inaccurate assertions were being made which would have been laughable  if they weren't potentially damaging.

Although we sometimes disagree here that is mostly about opinions, and  rather less about facts.

Some older posters may have gone back to the UK.

Others have probably taken all they need from the Forum.

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...."Others have probably taken all they need from the forum."    (Norman)

I have been posting for about 2 years now. I have asked occasional questions and always received good and prompt advice from other members.

I haven't found myself able to answer questions put by other posters, and often feel quite guilty about this. But I joined because of an interest in and liking for things French, which haven't disappeared in spite of the maddening aspects of French life. (Bureauocracy doesn't really impinge on me as I'm a second home owner.) I still love my times in France, and hope to continue to spend approx half the year in each country.

So thank you to all who share their knowledge with others, but I hope that the social side of the forum also continues to thrive.

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[quote user="sweet 17"][quote user="Christine Animal"]


Ca doit être la saucisse !



Oh, Christine, I do hope so.  I have always liked a bit of saussage though I have yet to be brave enough to try boudin (whether blanc or noir).


Ooooooh Matron

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There's been some talk & agonising on several threads, implying that it isn't like it used to be, its all gone quiet, etc, etc.

I can very well remember the times when I first found this place: it was open warfare every day! People being banned right left & centre & actually not very nice. Having said that, it was almost hypnotic: you simply had to tune in to the latest quarrel (always involving the same players) and I found myself spending several hours daily just reading that rubbish.

Thanks, but no thanks. These days, I can 'catch up' in 10 mins or so daily: an occasional question or thread, an occasional bit of input.


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I don't remember open warfare, although I do remember some disagreements. The exception being a couple of trolls, who were very nasty pieces of work and they are long gone.

Still, opinionated people was 'my' France, from strangers in shops etc, to friends at dinner. Once I got used to it, I grew to love it. And I find it hard to believe that it isn't the same in most of France.

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