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A Xmas Message from cooperlola2


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Good day! I hope the Forum is flourishing. I thought I ought to drop in and say something seasonal, and perhaps reassure you all that I have managed to keep on a more-or-less even keel these last 3 months and more.

So - how am I doing? Well, not too badly, actually. The paperwork is taking an age, but is slowly being consumed. I dropped in to the Notaire's office the other week, and was told that thay have had good responses from everyone they contacted - except a stunning silence from the insurance people. So I have now got a mandate for re-registering Deb's Nissan, issued at the Prefecture - where, because Clair had advised me, I had all the right documents and was welcomed, paying a mere 2 euros 50 cents for the privilege.

Other bits will fall into place. British bankers have various responses to a French death certificate - Santander being brilliant, Nationwide rather less so.

So ends a dreary year for me. We lost our Best Man in February to cancer, our neighbour across the road (45) in April ditto, and then Deb in September. 2013 can hardly be worse!

Once again, it is important to say just how much you all meant to Deb - hence her 12000-odd posts. You gave her an avenue to use her intellect and encouraged her to research and to fight for what she believed to be right. In her wake you rallied behind me, too, so making the early days that much easier. I am very grateful for that.

I am spending Xmas Day alone - by design. I have been invited to join others, but feel that this year I need to work the day through on my own, not hiding in the comfort of others' festivities.

May I wish you all a good festive season, with all you would wish for yourselves. I'm sure we will meet again in 2013!

kindest regards


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Good to hear from you Ian. I can't believe Debs isn't there, she was such a vibrant character. But she isn't, and you obviously have the strength of character to appreciate what you had as a couple .  Hoping we can do the same when the time comes.

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Ian good to hear from you and that you are coping.

Someone resurrected an old post recently and reading the posts there was one from Cooperlola. Her postings were always high quality. Whilst the forums members loss is nowhere compared to your loss this forum is a lot less informative and lack certain viewpoints than it had.

Best wishes for tomorrow


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Thank you so much for taking the time to post.

There have been a couple of posts recently that referred to Coops and she is, of course, remembered and loved on the Forum.

Continue to take good care of yourself and you must realise that all news from you are awaited and appreciated.

Have a peaceful Christmas and may the New Year bring you continued solace.


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It is great to hear from you Ian, and so pleased that you seem to be coping so well, considering. You are clearly someone very special (she had picked you after all, so you must be!) and this transpires from the way you are communicating here, finding the "mot juste" and being so lucid in your report.

May the next year be much, much kinder to you - and may your solitary Christmas day be quietly and productively reflective.

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