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Big increases in the Taxe Foncière to cover Covid deficit


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Well, the abolition of the taxe d’habitation puts pressure on other taxes to raise revenues. And many communes have been itching to increase the foncière as soon as they could. If it has to increase it must be slow and by nothing like 28%. Why not 30,40,50,60%? Once the dam bursts it is too easy to keep on adding a few extra percent every year.

As to a COVID effect, I am very doubtful as to such a large justification.

Anyway, second homes will be really clobbered whatever. So easy to hit them when they are owned by foreigners!
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It seems that Covid effect is in part the loss of  tax revenue from the Casino, but I imagine that there will be other reasons in other towns where economic activity  has been hit hard. This may be the beginning of 'paying the bill' for financial consequences of the Pandemic....

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