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How to dress when painting gates


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I too have a gate and fence to paint this summer, and no way would I be using metal paint whilst nekkid.  I always wear long skirts whilst painting, must admit that indoors, if having to climb up a ladder whilst doing ceilings, I usually  tuck my skirt in my knickers, but as no one can see, it doesn't really matter........ and I don't need ladders to paint my gate and fence.

Painting has never given me sexual kicks, each to their own[:-))]

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[quote user="woolybanana"]

A story for warming Norman's cockles.

I have to paint my gates this summer and was wondering what to wear. Well, if we have a heatwave, I now have an idea:



Wooly you wimp, if we have a heatwave? that chap was painting mid december! Get yer kit off and get on with it!

Idun I laughed so hard at the image of you up a ladder knickes on display [:D]

Disposable boiler suit, ok you'll look like a teletubby but you can wear or not wear what you like.

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